Produce the necessary walls for your construction site directly on site.

Flexible reaction to changing requirements during the construction process without additional costs.

Remain independent from stationary prefabrication plants and reduce your stresslevels from logistics and the provision of warehousing space.

WMT enables you to produce up to 450 m² (4844 sq.ft.) of wall surface per week in the necessary strength and size using on-site heating, even in the most difficult weather conditions. You retain complete control until the last moment. No need for complicated and costly modifications.

Wandmodultoaster - Wand wird heraugezogen

The advantages of WMT

Increase productivity on the construction site.

Work 365 days a year with no downtime due to frost etc.

Increase your turnover with the employees available.

Produce walls just in time and directly at the construction site = maximum flexibility.

Eliminate transport costs = increase profit.

Produce 10-12 walls at the same time

Wall lengths up to 7 m (23 ft.), wall heights up 3 m (9.8 ft.)

Different wall strengths 6-31 cm (2.4-12.2 in.)

Manufacture walls made of various materials: Concrete C20/25, lightweight concrete C3, foam mortar

Manufacture window and door frames with magnetic technology

Installation of raw electronic conduits possible using hollow pipes

Blick auf eine entstehende Wand

Production area

The wall module toaster WMT occupies approx. 150 m² (1615 sq.ft.) on the construction site Approx. 875 m² (9418 sq.ft.) is required for warehousing space, office and team containers, material storage and crane installation.

A strip foundation is required.

Installation only takes 3 days, disassembly also only 3 days


Media and machines required

  • Power connection (400 V)
  • Water connection
  • Mobile crane, min 60 ton
  • Heat pump for heating the walls

Supplier services

Wall module toaster
Accessories: Magnetic formwork, software for wall planning, material container, transport pallets for inloader transport, connecting elements

Comprehensive training services

We provide you and your employees with thorough schooling:

  • On the installation of the WMT
  • On planning the walls
  • On the formwork of the walls
  • On the installation of the magnetic formwork
  • On wall installation

Who receives the training?

Productive employers on your construction site
Site manager/production planner

Wandmodultoaster WMT von nobis Hof GmbH

The WMT is maintenance-free

Training takes place through our own academy or through exchange of experience with other construction companies.

The WMT complies with the German accident prevention regulations.

Watch the wall module toaster in action

The video shows the wall module toaster in use on a construction project near Hannover in Lower Saxony. The WMT enabled 56 living units to be constructed in 12 months with only 7 skilled workers.

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